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Jeffery D. Bramer is certified as a criminal trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

Alabama Criminal Defense LawyerBeing accused of a crime against a person is a serious offense that has serious legal repercussions. Crimes against persons are usually violent crimes and include things like:


A person can be charged with murder anytime they are accused of intentionally taking another person’s life. Those convicted of murder face some of the most serious consequences, including life in prison or the death penalty.


Rape is a very serious offense that can result in significant consequences including jail time and fines—not to mention your reputation. Alabama recognizes different degrees of rape ranging from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class A felony. Even if the sex was consensual, you may be charged with rape because of the age of the victim.


Assault occurs when an individual causes physical injury to another. There are three degrees of assault that range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B felony.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious charge that can greatly impact your life if you are convicted. Seek immediate legal representation if you have been accused of child abuse.

If you have been accused of a crime against a person, contact the law office of Jeffrey D. Bramer, P.C. Attorney Jeff Bramer is an experienced Alabama criminal defense lawyer who will help you understand your rights and fight to protect those rights in court. There are many defenses available to people who have been accused of crimes against people—so never think your case is hopeless.

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