Rights of a Convicted Felon in Alabama

All felonies in the state of Alabama arise either in the County District Court or at the Federal District Court level. Punishment for felonies range from a year and a day to death by lethal injection.

In Alabama, felonies are graded A, B or C. In an A felony, the punishment range is 10-99 years or life; a B felony is 2-20 years; and a C felony is a year and a day up to 10 years. There are enhancements that add time to the sentences which include drug sales near a school or housing project, possession of a firearm or, if you have been previously convicted of a felony, the Habitual Offender Act applies.

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The rights of a convicted felon in Alabama are greatly impacted—even after a sentence has been served and many years have passed. There are restrictions on your right to vote, right to bear arms, right to hold public office, right to hold a professional license and more depending on the type of felony conviction.

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