Alabama Hand Gun Crimes Lawyer

Alabama Hand Gun Crimes Attorney

Alabama handgun law is strict about who can carry a handgun and how that weapon may be carried. Federal law is even stricter. Despite a Constitutional right to carry a firearm, the law restricts certain individuals from possessing such weapons. Those who have restricted rights include people who have been indicted or convicted of a felony. Many people are familiar with the ex-con with a gun charge, but very few people are aware that it is against federal law to possess a gun after you have been indicted—even though you have not been convicted.

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The state of Alabama felon firearms laws restrict felons from ever owning or possessing a firearm. Even if your sentence was suspended, you’ve served your time or you have been a citizen in good standing for many years, if you are caught in possession of a firearm you face up to 10 years in prison or possibly more depending on your criminal history.

A pistol is defined as any firearm with a barrel under 12 inches in length. In order to carry a pistol concealed in Alabama, you must obtain a permit from your county sheriff’s office or hold a license from a state with a reciprocal license/permit agreement with Alabama (see

If you have unknowingly broken Alabama’s hand gun law or have found yourself facing charges for handgun crimes in Alabama, please contact the law offices of Jeffrey D. Bramer, P.C. Mr. Bramer has served as an ardent advocate of individual rights for over 29 years. When you have been accused of breaking federal law, the state of Alabama’s felon firearms laws or other Alabama hand gun laws, you need serious legal representation to make sure your rights are protected.

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