Birmingham, Alabama Grand Jury

A grand jury is a gathering of citizens brought together to determine if an individual or entity should be charged with a crime—guilt or innocence is not determined by a grand jury. These citizens generally hear evidence presented by an attorney for the government and must determine if there is probable cause to indict a person for a felony crime.

A federal grand jury enjoys sweeping powers to investigate allegations of criminal behavior. Grand juries have a wide latitude to gather relevant information and they have the right to subpoena you. If you have received a subpoena from a grand jury, you need legal counsel now.

An agent of a corporation may not refuse to turn over corporate records after receiving a grand jury subpoena, even when the content of those records may incriminate you as the subpoenaed agent; a corporation has no Fifth Amendment privileges to refuse to produce its records.

All proceedings of the grand jury are secret. The reasons for protecting the secrecy of the grand jury include:

  • preventing the escape of persons against whom an indictment may be contemplated,
  • ensuring complete freedom of deliberation of the grand jurors,
  • preventing others from influencing or tampering with witnesses who may later testify before the grand jury or appear as witnesses at trial, and
  • encouraging the complete and free disclosure of information concerning crime and protecting innocent people.

A felony case cannot be tried in our state without an indictment from an Alabama grand jury. If you have been arrested for a felony or subpoenaed by a grand jury in Birmingham or elsewhere throughout Alabama, make sure your rights are protected by calling the law offices Jeffrey D. Bramer, P.C. Mr. Bramer will personally work with you—explaining your rights, advising you on legal strategy and protecting your best interests.

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