Alabama Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. Most cities and towns have a municipal court. These courts are presided over by judges who, in most cases with the exception of some large cities, are also practicing attorneys. Likewise, the prosecutor and court appointed counsel are also attorneys who also serve in their municipal capacity on a part-time basis.

The municipal court handles all non-felony violations that occur within their jurisdiction. Some of the common crimes for which you could be charged in municipal court are: DUI, domestic violence, criminal trespass, assault, allowing your dog to run at large, theft of property, minor in possession, unlawful possession of marijuana and an array of traffic offenses such as speeding, running a stop sign, following too closely and failure to yield.

Each municipality has separate municipal ordinances that may be applied and in most instances the state code is adopted through a municipal ordinance and also applied in municipal courts. Having an attorney by your side through municipal court proceedings is important. A good attorney can advise you on the best course of action to take for your situation and be an ardent advocate for your rights.

Don’t assume that just because your crime is not a felony that you do not need an attorney. There are still consequences that may negatively impact your life. For example, many employers now conduct background checks before they hire new employees. A misdemeanor can cause an employer to question your character and not give you a job. Additionally, a misdemeanor can prevent you from obtaining a professional license you need to pursue the career of your choice. Many misdemeanor convictions may also impact your driver’s license, even if you were not driving a car.

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