Alabama State Court

State Court is divided between District Court and Circuit Court. Every county in Alabama has their own District and Circuit Courts and are presided over by Judges who are elected.

State CourtDistrict Courts handle misdemeanor and traffic cases brought by the County Sheriff’s Office or the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS-State Trooper) or other state investigative agencies such as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC), Conservation and Natural Resources (Game & Fish Warden/Marine Police). In addition to misdemeanor cases, all felony cases originate in District court unless a Grand Jury has returned an Indictment.

Misdemeanor cases are tried before a judge without a jury (bench trial). All felony preliminary hearings take place in Alabama District Court while felony arraignments and jury trials take place in Alabama Circuit Court. A preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough probable cause to proceed with the prosecution. This usually takes place soon after the arrest and is conducted by a Judge without a jury. Jury trials determine if the State of Alabama can prove their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt and the jury verdict must be unanimous to acquit or to find you guilty.

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